Return to Silence

Meditation Retreats


“I had never been on a silent retreat before. I imagined it would be quite challenging and I have to admit I was a little apprehensive. The retreat centre and its surroundings immediately put me at ease. Michael and Mandy held a nurturing space. The days were structured perfectly with silent time together in meditation, yoga and nature and with enough time to deeply rest with ourselves. The silence brought insight into how I operate in the world and the experience of a more fulfilling, sustainable way that I have been able to integrate into my life. I would recommend this retreat to everyone.”

~ Dora


“What a wonderful way to spend a weekend. It exceeded my expectations and left me wanting to do more . It is difficult to say which part of the weekend I enjoyed most as it had many different elements all of which were so restorative for the mind and the body. Early morning exercises ,scrumptious food ,gentle relaxing yoga, refreshing walks, and deep restorative meditation as well as having the pleasure of listening to Michael share his experiences on various topics .The sense of well-being and peace that I felt the whole weekend stayed with me long after the weekend ended. Thank you xx”

~ Clare


“This Silent Retreat run by Michael and Mandy was a wonderful experience which I thoroughly enjoyed, so much so that I have already booked up for my next one this Summer! From the moment I arrived I felt very comfortable and relaxed.  Michael was there to welcome me and show me my accommodation, and throughout my stay he was always on hand for guidance and support. The weekend was structured well and had a nice balance of activities and free time.  What I particularly liked was the flexibilty of choosing what to participate in, with no pressure whether you did or not.  The venue was wonderful, set in an isolated spot with fields all around, where I spent quite a bit of my free time.  The food was delicious and kept me fueled nicely for the whole stay.  I would strongly recommend the retreat for the opportunity to completely escape everyday stresses, explore oneself and learn new spiritual tools.  I cannot recommend it enough.”

~ James


“This was the first silent retreat that I had been to. Despite a little nervousness it didn’t take long to get used to not speaking and to not having anything pressing to do.
The weekend was beautifully organised with some yoga, some different styles of meditation and absolutely delicious meals. Despite being silent it was not a lonely experience but felt warm.
A lovely, relaxing and re- energising break.”

~ Anita


“I went on a Return to Silence retreat over the August bank holiday weekend. Never having done one of these before, I had very little idea what to expect and was a little unsure of the silence thing. In the end, there was no need for me to have fretted as it was one of the most relaxing, centering and calming things I have done. Lots of sessions of meditation, yoga etc. But also lots of quiet, reflective time. Slept amazingly well too. It took me a day or so to turn my internal volume down and to stop thinking about what I was going to do next, but after that I reached a state of sustained inner quietude, one which, sadly, I watched fade away over a few days as I returned to my normal, noisy life.Lacking the discipline to maintain daily practice as I do, I will definitely be looking to do more of these as opportunities present themselves. Thanks to Michael, Sam and Katie for laying on such an enriching experience.”

~ Erik